See How To You Can Use Banana Peel to Whiten Teeth In 6 Easy-To-Do Steps

See How To You Cab Use Banana Peel to Whiten Teeth In 6 Easy-To-Do Steps

If you have tried any method on whitening your teeth, and didn’t seem to solve the problem, then the banana peel method is a must try and because it’s non-abrasive, it’s perfect. 
Teeth whitening costs a lot these days coming in form of pricey cosmetic whitening procedures or home dental/whitening kits that don’t necessarily work.
Sometimes a little lifestyle change or seemingly little things from the pantry or the fridge can be all you need for a brighter smile in this case the peel of bananas come in handy.

Banana peels are loaded with incredible properties as they are rich in dietary fibre, polyunsaturated fatty acids and potassium, proteins and essential amino acids. A major reason to try out banana peel for teeth whitening is because it’s non abrasive/ harsh.

Check out how to use it in easy steps!

Here’s how to use banana peel for teeth whitening in easy steps:

1. Peel the skin off fresh banana

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