Looking Like A Tooth: Transgender Woman Gets Her Body Ridiculously Altered

Below is a list of the key health concerns transgender persons should consider discussing with their doctor.

Transgender persons;

  • Should find a personal doctor who understands transgender health issues.
  • He/she wishing to use hormones should only do so under the supervision of a doctor who can prescribe an appropriate dose and monitor its effects.
  • Such individual should be screened for cancers of the reproductive organs.
  • need to be counseled about the risks of injecting silicone.
  • Also, should be screened for substance use and get appropriate education and risk-based counseling.
  • However, should be screened for signs and symptoms of depression and anxiety and should seek appropriate mental health services provided as needed.
  • Transgender persons who are sexually active should be routinely screened for sexually transmitted diseases.
  • All transgender persons should be screened for alcohol dependence and abuse, and alcohol use should be limited.
  • Transgender persons should be screened for tobacco use and offered tobacco cessation programs.
  • Transgender persons are often at higher risk for heart disease because of hormone use, smoking, and obesity. A
  • ll transgender persons should have their blood pressure and cholesterol checked as generally recommended.
  • Finally, transgender persons should learn about the signs and symptoms of heart disease and stroke.


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