54 Mind Blowing Fact About The Teeth You Don’t Know

16. Teeth start forming way before birth. To be more specific, foundation of teeth are laid during the fetal stage.

Teeth start forming way before birth

17. Despite the fact that teeth start forming long before birth, they don’t really show up until the baby is born and attains the age of about 6 months.

18. The tooth enamel is hardest known substance in entire human body.

19. The plaque formed on our teeth is known to have more than 300 different species of bacteria. Unfortunately, they aren’t the healthy ones.

20. Only two-third of the teeth can be seen. The remaining one-third is hidden inside the gums.

21. Just like fingerprints, teeth are also unique to every human being. No two humans will have identical teeth.

22. There are different types of teeth and each type has a specific function. For example, incisors are meant for biting of pieces from food, canines are meant for holding and tearing apart the food while molars are meant for grinding the food.

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